The Blue-White Country is the Bright Pearl of Aegean


Man first invented traveling;

Then they kept asking questions about its meaning;

In fact,

All the encounters are either after being apart a long time,

Or it is too late for regrets;

As a journey, life is simple too;

Winning monsters, you can receive gifts!


CCG 7-day trip to Greece set out from Pudong airport in September 6th...


●Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis is one of the Seven Wonders of the world, which has been 3000 years old. It is the most famous ancient architectural complex in Greece and the center of religion and politics.

●Syntagma Square

Everyone who comes to Athens won’t miss the solemn and interesting changing of the guard on Syntagma Square, which is also a way to show the dignity of nation and guard for Greece. 

●Academy of Athens, National Book Center of Greece, University of Athens

Athens's three new classical buildings stand side by side. In the middle lies University of Athens, whose building seems more sedate and dignified with the contrast of Academy of Athens and National Book Center of Greece nearby.

●Santorini - Oia

OIA, which has the most beautiful sunset scenery in the world, is the most dazzling pearl in the crown of Greek,Santorini. 

●Oia; The most beautiful sunset scenery

●Kokkini Beach

Kokkini Beach is located in the south Santorini, which is a fairy, beautiful and special place. With the sunshine, it becomes more magical and dazzling.


Fira is the capital of Santorini and a traditional residential settlement, where alleys are full of small shops dealing with traditional costumes, handicrafts, gold and silver jewelry, as well as many family-owned restaurant and cafés.

●Pyrgos Kallistis and Santo Wines Winery

There is no elaborating plan and heavy burden but only the purest attitude in traveling. 


Strange streets of Athens;

Waving with enthusiasm;

Metropolis in the night;

Everything is still vital and alive.


The distance from strangers to family;

Dinner under the stars is like a dream;

Fragrant smell of wine is floating over the river;

Not just the friendship between “thumbs up”.