September is coming! When Virgo met Libra…


September is coming! When Virgo met Libra; when wisdom met grace; when preciseness met balance…

This afternoon, CCG held September birthday party for employees on the 1st floor. In order to meet the discerning taste of Virgo and beautiful appearance requirements of Libra, CCG prepared delicacy wine, gifts, DIY moment and other multiple surprises!

First of all, everyone had a self-introduction to be familiar with other department’s colleagues and closer to each other. 

Then in addition to meet everyone's taste, we also specially arranged DIY cocktail part. Enjoy a cup of cocktails made by self on Friday afternoon; the mood would also be colorful like cocktails.

Finally, it is the grand draw for each birthday party. The luckiest one of this month is Xiao Min from the administration department. Congratulations! We will make public the mystery gift at the next birthday party!


The mystery gift of last birthday party: Reon from Toption surprisingly received birthday cake and blessing from CCG