Bangkok Pattaya| What you met are all unforgettable scenery in your life


What’s the point of travel?

WangChen wrote in his book, “If there is some annoyance which is difficult to get rid of it, just walk, stride for ten or twenty minutes will be better. If continuing, you will gradually arrive to another state. Travel means walking, always walking. ” In the middle of 2017, outing of our company was begun again, whose destination was Thailand.


Maybe because of the stress from daily works, a travel was expected so much to relax. Let the body and soul bath in exotic and beautiful scenery.



Thai Cuisine in Som Tam + famous restaurant After You

Located in the Siam Center four building, this restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes. "Som Tam" is the Thai pronunciation of the green papaya salad as we know it. The restaurant is not designed to cater tourists, but it is a local Thai style. What is the most important is its high performance-price ratio.


After you is similar to Heytea in China, a photo gathering place that Group tour love most.



Grand Palace brings together the essence of architecture, painting, sculpture and decoration art in Thailand. It has a distinctive style of architectural art in Siam and is well received by visitors from all over the world. It is called "Thailand art book".



The most anticipated project - Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a nationalist movement, whose unique is a wonderful opening ceremony, called Wai Hkru. Before the fight, participants must pay tribute to the opponent and the referee. It shows gratitude for just teaching and expressing confidence in the success of boxing.

There are 30 days in a month that you want to go to sea

What a sunny day to go to sea!

Seafood feast is necessary

Mum Aroi —— the restaurant found on Dianping, which is a good choice for a lazy people. A table full of meal and an idle cat.

All good things must come to an end. We can’t look back or stop. Let the past pass.


We can’t extend the length of life, but can increase the width of life. Enjoy every scenery, which is called life.