Birthday Party| We Had a Date With Summer


Time flies. The last Friday in July is coming. Today, we had another collective birthday party, in which CCG prepared wonderful gifts and benison for fellows who were born in August. We can still remember that Sherry had won the opportunity to have a feast with Director Ren last time. What was the surprise this time?


In such a hot but special day, let's enjoy the date with summer~


Exquisite and delicious food;

Elegant decoration;

What everyone could see and feel were the love from CCG.

Sing birthday song together;

Make a wish for a bright future;

Catch on fire with enthusiasm and head for dreams.

Stressful memory-tested games;

After several rounds, Reno in Thank China finally won the mysterious gift which was elaborately prepared by CCG.


The house were full of fun and happiness.

Hope these cheerful chatting and laughing will continue forever.

We celebrated our birthday together.

CCG hope everyone can have happiness, warmth, luck and realize dreams in the future!

Happy birthday!


Please look forward to the birthday party in September.