What a day that Luo Zijun spent in CCG!


Luo Zijun became the popular woman before long she entered CCG with the help of He Han and Chen Junsheng. Not only were her colleagues jealous of her, but also her boss served her tea. Was Luo Zijun really comfortable like that in CCG?

That’s right. She was really comfortable like that. But what you could see was just a part of them.

1.Send the cool caringly

CCG not only turns on the air conditioner during work, but also spends extra 3 hours opening the air conditioner during overtime. CCG cares about everyone working in comfortable surroundings and eases the burden of everyone.

CCG also prepares various ice-creams for overtime. In such a hot day, CCG is just like heaven.

2.Keep healthy carefully

It’s hot outside, but cool inside. Under such difference, some diseases will easily threaten our health. So CCG invited health consultant from Shuguang hospital to bring everyone a four-day Chinese medicine health service. 


In these four days, consultant provided free measurement of blood pressure and pulse, health inquiry of common diseases, diet therapy, and treatment of occupation disease. Many people realized their sub health, and became willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A healthy atmosphere has been filled in the company gradually.

3.Help in growth sincerely

CCG focuses the comprehensive development of everyone very much, so various courses are open to everyone after work every Thursday. In terms of learning, there’s English class to improve everyone’s practical language skills. In terms of sport, there’re yoga class and badminton club to relax, strengthen physical quality and build friendship. 



You may understand that only one word can explain Luo Zijun's life in CCG——AWESOME!


Are you jealous of that? Then join us!

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