How to Shape a Woman Into Tang Jing


The First Half of My Life is popularly on the air. The performance of Tang Jing is a perfect example for all modern females in the workplace. Do you, who has a big dream, want to be the next Tang Jing?


CCG can give you this chance!

1. The advantages of platform

At the beginning, Tang Jing was also a freshman who didn’t know anything. However, the moment she graduated from university, she entered the company where He Han worked, which represented she has already won at the starting line.

ndfykabkeebqsrezbhphjdnxphsvyths.jpgCCG exactly is this kind of platform. In the past ten years, CCG has developed from an advertising company whose scale was only a dozen people to a large-scale corporate group of cultural communication who has employed more than five hundred employee; from only in Shanghai to five cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Toronto.

CCG believes that there is no limit in dreams and action can change everything.

CCG can offer you more resources and more spaces to improve yourselves.

CCG definitely is your best choice!

2.Special tutors

There is only one He Han, but thousands of freshmen. After cultivating Tang Jing, He Han personally guided Luo Zijun again. 


We will also arrange a patient, careful, concentrative, elite tutor just like He Han to guide you personally, accompany you until you become powerful enough like Tang Jing.


3. Self-advantages

When you have the same external resources with what Tang Jing and Luo Zijun have, you will find out that your advantages are very obvious. You are a returnee who has broader vision, creative thinking, more experiences and the guidance of He Han. You will be the next Tang Jing!


Only if you are full of power, curiosity and enthusiasm to seek challenge and knowledge, and break the routine flexibly,

Only if you are brave, responsible and good at teamwork,

Then CCG is your stage to realize your dreams.

Brand planning

Tailor the marketing plan for the brand according to their features and position at the beginning;

Provide strategy proposals for brand which either company has already served or competitive presentation;

Participate in creative discussion and acceptance, competition strategy case, new industry trend and new technology research;

Creative service

Art Base needs profound art design skills and strong aesthetic concepts;

Copy base needs strong writing skills and strategic thinking ability;

Sharp insight, thinking clearly and rationally;

Accurately carry out creative directions and creative concepts;

Good at communication, team management and organizing;

Able to work under pressure;

Customer service

Accurately understand customers’ needs;

Organize the overall implementation and operation of the project;

Good at both Chinese and English;

Able to be responsible for the project independently, follow up project schedule and arrange works for team members reasonably;

Standardize the management, optimize the procedure of operation, and summarize project and file data;

Have business negotiation skills;

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