Recommended by He Han | You need CCG to counterattack


More than half of First Half of My Life has been broadcasted. After the collapse and reconstruction of the inner world; career from nothing, Luo Zijun is about to counterattack finally.


It was He Han who found CCG wisely. With the help of him, Luo Zijun passed the interview and got the offer. Thinking of Luo Zijun will become a powerful woman from a freshman in meeting rooms of different styles and functions in CCG, I feel very proud. After all, she is cultivated in CCG.

With the guidance of boss, Luo Zijun is about to officially begin her professional life. I believe that she can also sit in such capacious and comfortable office someday in the future, depending on her own efforts.


It’s not easy to counterattack. There are not only some small difficulties but also frequent extra works. Every time I saw her colleagues caring about her overtime, I was so moved, because it is true in our CCG. We always have someone to accompany you through any difficulty.


Seeing here, what do you think?

Do you want to be colleagues of Luo Zijun?

Do you want to cooperate with Prince Charming, He Han?

Do you want to counterattack like Luo Zijun?

CCG is giving you the chance!

You may experience the exclusive working spot of Luo Zijun in CCG.

You may get the same photograph with He Han.


You may be even in the second season of First Half of My Life.


(Colleagues are copying the stills of the second season.)

Don’t be hesitated to send your resume to!

The leading character of the second season will be you!

We need candidates like this.

Account Manager

More than 3-year experience of advertising;

Familiar with auto advertising;

Communicate fluently with bilingualism;

Able to both serve clients and manage the team;

Project Executive

Responsible for the on-site executing of related activities and automobile exhibition;

Able to endure hardships;

Willing to travel around the country for business;

Copywriter /Senior Copywriter

Creative & innovative;

Passionate for life and cars;

Have sharp perspicacity and sensitive to the hot topics;

Art Director

Output and executor of advertising ideas;

Styles can be elegant or funny;

Tasteful and insightful;

Love creative works;

Patient & careful;


Auto content editor of BBS, Wechat, Weibo, websites;

Passionate for photography and life;

Original writing style;

Rich accumulation;

Welcome excellent graduates of this year from home and abroad to apply!

Come to CCG and realize your first dream!