Celebrate Our Own Birthday in Our Own Way


Despite the burning sun in June, it can’t stop the enthusiasm of CCG to hold the collective birthday party for fellows. It is the birthday of employees whose birthday is in July, which are 40 fellows in all. Nearly 30 people took part in the event. We also prepared caring gifts for fellows who can’t be present because of business travel.

So, what exactly is this collective birthday party?

Here come some great scene photos!

Exquisite food;

Constant fun;

Full of joy;

More of surprises;

Mysterious luck draw;

Congratulations to our beautiful Sherry for winning the award!

She will receive a special gift from CCG!


Beautiful group photos;

Wish together;

Time is never getting old;

 We are never separated; 

We weren’t born on the same day.

But the fate makes us celebrate it together.

Happy birthday to you and me.

Let’s make a promise to witness each other’s growth next year today

We set out from here;

Go beyond ourselves and chase dreams;

Wait in hope

The next birthday party(for fellows who were born in August)is unmissable!