Where are your freestyle works?


As a shutterbug,

you must be expecting that your freestyle work

has an opportunity and platform to show.


The online platform“Cloud Photo Storage” that was set by CCG for every shutterbug has received hundreds of works since put into use.

In order to encourage everyone to show your freestyle works,

the incentive system of CCG becomes freestyle as well!

1.Remuneration: When works are used on worldwide platforms, CCG will pay appropriate remuneration according to actual situation. (The specific rules are detailed in Delegate Authorization Letter of “Cloud Photo Storage” on the platform.)


2.Presentation & Sharing:

A: Displaying on the company bulletin board or television set;

B: Displaying on CCG Wechat Official Account regularly (Adding watermark when sharing to avoid embezzlement)


3.Points-based System

Users of “Cloud Photo Storage” get points by uploading works. You can use points to exchange items on the “Points Day”—— 28th per month. There is no conflict between the points exchanging and works remuneration.