The Collective Birthday Surprise is More Interesting!


“Cross-trade, Innovation, Collaboration” is the corporate culture of CCG all the time. So on the last Friday of each month, there will be the birthday party for people whose birthday is in next month, beginning in June. CCG makes every effort to make everyone feel happy and comfortable though the collective birthday. Meanwhile, the friendship of different departments can be improved.


Birthday is a special day for everyone. Everyone wants to get blessing on birthday. But, have a group of people tried to celebrate birthday together and give blessing to each other? 


The collective birthday is meant to be a different birthday, making people from strangers to friends. Here are delicious cakes, exquisite western dessert, fresh fruit, mysterious luck draw, interactive games and unexpected birthday gifts. What is the most important is that everyone can be fully relax, release the vitality, and quickly break the ice with each other.

Once a month

Let you expect so much

The 1st floor lobby of the company

Let you relax so much

Various displaying patterns

Let you surprised so much

This year

A new wish

Wish we can be the closest friends

In the irreversible time

In the days we spend together 


The collective birthday is coming soon