Miss that shining Okinawa summer


Human is a kind of contradictory animal. For example, when winter comes, we miss the seaside summer. Okinawa, the destination of this Outing, is probably the least Japanese city I have ever seen. There is a blend of Ryukyu and American culture. Palm trees and sandy beaches make up subtropical scenery. Every family has a pair of stone lions sitting in town. Very diverse and interesting.

Wake up with Blue Okinawa

Heart-beating moments

We Are Family!

Umikaji Terrace/Hammock Coffee

At the southern end of Okinawa, the simple, straight-white coastline sparkles grey blue, sky blue, indigo and dark blue in the sunshine. There were not many tourists here, the natural environment is well protected, and the local people can also be seen here fishing.

Stepped blue-and-white buildings, it seemed we are in Greece. It is suggested that the girls visiting wear light-coloured long skirts. The lazy little black cat came in.

Umikaji Terrace has a popular muffin shop, a happy pancake. Because there are too many people in the queue and the production time is too long, it is suggested to make an online reservation or queue to get the number first. This time we were visiting another shop, Hammock Coffee. In the store and the terrace area, the owner replaced the chairs with white hammocks. The whole backgroud is the sea! The beverage is very beautiful. Order a cup to lie in the hammock, listen to the sound of the waves, comfortable, which is probably simple happiness.


 Oknawa Churaumi Aquarium


Oknawa Churaumi Aquarium covers an area of 1,900 square meters. It is the first aquarium in the world with the largest water tonnage, the largest shark species, the largest tank thickness and the first large-scale artificial coral aquarium.


A 7-meter-long whale shark and a giant manta ray swim overhead in a giant one-piece plexiglass-walled fish tank. It feels like diving into the deep sea.

American Village/Sunset Beach

When you see the sky wheel, you know the American Village is here!

North valley town is an area inhabited by American soldiers and relatives. The whole building style is very similar to Los Angeles. It resembles a town on the west coast of the United States and is one of the filming sites of the movie, Okinawa Rendez-vous.

The most famous place to take pictures is the sunset beach, with graffiti-covered embankments. Standing on it, looking at the coastline and the sky, thinking about the wind, and some unimportant things, you will feel like that the world is not worth worrying about.

In the afternoon, we went to seaside cafe hanon for a cup of teddy bear coffee, and ate sea salt pancake. We watched the gentle shaking of the sea outside the window, just like Miyazaki's movie.

Kokusaidori Street/Hanagasashokudou/Sea Salt Ice Cream

Apart from the seaside art, of course, shopping is indispensable. Kokusaidori Street is the busiest street in Okinawa, with a large shopping mall, cosmetics stores, specialty stores, seafood markets, super delicious restaurants and local delicacies.


Hanagasashokudou is a very local restaurant run by an old lady. The shop is not big. It's a bit like a Japanese canteen. Many local people will come to eat here. Recommend Bitter Melon fixed food, which is not bitter at all. In addition, Japan's tempura is so excellent that you can enter any store without making mistakes!

Another special feature of Okinawa is salt!

There are various salt products, salt seasoning, salt toothpaste, salt biscuits, bath salt and so on. The most recommended one is sea salt. There are salt bottles with different tastes on the table at the door for guests to sprinkle on ice cream. The taste of grapefruit and cocoa is very special.


Cape Manza/Naminoue Beach

It's an interesting name, meaning a large lawn that can seat tens of thousands of people.


In the evening, we arrived at the Naminoue Beach, which is full of all locals. Okinawa teenagers play football on the beach, while the old man with flower shirts sits on the bank waiting for the sunset. This is also the only bathing beach in the city.


Eating more meat is the easiest way to make an adult feel better! In Okinawa, you don't have to think about what you eat every day, because there will be surprises when you enter a random store.

Mekiki no Ginji has always been a popular shop, which is needed to make an early appointment, I'm a person who doesn't like to waste time queuing, so I would recommend you to go to another local Ginji. The interior design is Japanese-style wine house, each dining area is separate, and there is an open kitchen.

I recommend sea urchin rice ball! When eating, break the yolk and sea urchin, dip in a sauce, the taste is rich and fresh, the whole mouth is full of the taste of happiness. I ordered two copies in a row! Sashimi platter, raw horse meat, iron oyster, charcoal roast beef, with ice plum soda wine.

On the plane back to Shanghai, I happened to read Haruki Murakami's travel notes. I liked them very much. Let's use them as the end. "Uncertainty about why to leave is the reason for departure. If everything goes smoothly, it loses the meaning of traveling. Sometimes you feel tired and sometimes disappointed on such a journey, but there must be something there. Those things may just be stored in the bottom of your heart as memories, but sometimes they will inadvertently shape your life."

Now, take this list, because you are uncertain, you have to look for that "thing". I just hope your journey will be relaxed and enjoyable, of course, the future life too.