From city to suburb, from architecture to humanities – A Trip to Span!


Every trip is an insight into life. Every trip is a quest for knowledge and answer to knowledge. Every trip is a new understanding and feeling of the world. Every time I travel, I will know a new self.


Walk into Barcelona and Gaudi

Is it a man who makes a city, or a city who makes a man?

With such doubts, we entered the city.

It's not a simple church, it's a Bible standing in front of the world. Even if you don't know about Catholicism, I think Gaudi has written a preface for you, sorted out the context, and made a heart-soul dialogue with you.

I firmly believe that if Gaudi didn’t repetitively study the Bible and repetitively understood each story, there will be no such work. He transformed all his understanding of the Bible into this church. You can't imagine that Gaudi has devoted 43 years of his life to turning his ideal into reality.

Casa Batlló

Casa Milà

From many Gaudi's architectural works, you can hardly find a straight line. This is because of his observation of nature. For example, the bones of animals, the growth of trees and so on are the direction of his thinking. He once said that "straight line belongs to man, curve belongs to God". I believe you can see that Gaudi's whole heart is full of love and awe for nature. These are deeply imprinted in his works.

Gaudi's works have greatly influenced the architecture of Barcelona, where we can catch the shadow of Gaudi's works everywhere.

Walking in Barcelona

Almost all the attractions in Barcelona are concentrated in the old urban areas and expansion areas. The former one is Barcelona's oldest and most beloved area for travelers and the heart of Barcelona. Walking along each street, the streets are lined with artists' galleries, clothing stores, handicraft shops, bars and record stores. The cathedral is also a landmark building in the region. The expansion area is the product of urban expansion projects in the 1960s. Many Gaudi buildings are gathered here and there is still not enough time to walk around Barcelona.


Speaking of Barcelona's delicacies, there are all kinds of ham shops, delicately decorated bars and Spanish restaurants. If you have enough time, you really want to try all kinds of things. We had the privilege of coming to LOSCARACOLES, a restaurant that attracted artists and politicians from all walks of the world and was named the most attractive restaurant in the city in 1835. We enjoy the most pure Spanish ham, snails, roast chicken, seafood rice, with red wine. Everyone raised their glasses to celebrate, expressing how wonderful it was and hoping for a better future.


The Integration of Classical and Modern, Valencia

Valencia is the second stop on our journey. Unlike most Spanish cities, Valencia's unique charm lies in the integration of classical and modern: besides the ancient city with a long history, this city also has very avant-garde art and technology.


Science and Art City is one of the ten most beautiful buildings in the world, including art galleries, ocean galleries, art galleries, science galleries and cinemas. The overall structure looks like a fish bone. The combination of interior structure and light is very modern. The whole building complex is surrounded by artificial pools. It can be imagined how popular it is in summer. The leader asked me, do you think this building has Gaudi's work? I think so. It's also in harmony with nature. It doesn't just use straight lines. Maybe there are more... more...


The old city of Valencia still retains its antique style. In front of the church square is the famous Poseidon fountain. We traveled through various alleys in the old city, feeling the culture and prosperity of that time, which symbolized Valencia's brilliant history as an important commercial and cultural city in Europe.

Diversified capital, Madrid

As soon as you enter Madrid, you can immediately feel the diversity and enthusiasm of the city, its long history and art of different periods, which are completely preserved here. Perhaps that is why people love here.

It is the third largest palace in Europe and one of the most complete and exquisite palaces in the world. The interior decoration is Italian style, which has not changed. The banquet hall was even more luxurious than it could be imagined. All of these are more magnificent and noble in front of your eyes than in every part of the film, which shows the dignity and power of the royal family everywhere.

The Palace also contains numerous gold and silver utensils, paintings, porcelain, tapestries and other royal stuff, which make you feel that it is no longer a palace, but more like a "museum".



In Madrid, no matter what your hobbies are, no matter what your definition of travel is, it caters to everyone's different tastes.


If you like to see masterpieces, you can visit Prado National Museum, Picasso Museum, Sofia Museum of Art and so on.

If you like to explore historical sites, Mayo Square, Villa Square, Palace or Plant Garden are all good choices.

If you want to experience the exploration of artistic styles in different historical periods, it is Austrian Avenue and Berberne Avenue.


If you want to go shopping, of course, Granville Street and Las Rozas Village can't be missed.

If you like delicacies, there are plenty of fresh food all over the country, no matter where the delicacies are, they keep the local flavor.

If you like nightlife, there are bars, discos, jazz bars, clubs and live concerts.

If you want to get some second-hand pottery, you can go to Rastro, an open-air junk market near Cascaro Square. Of course, you can also watch a match in Madrid.

Ancient City of Human Heritage, Toledo

We arrived at Toledo, the last stop of our trip to Spain. Because of the foreign occupation and domination, it has left precious art and history, and at the same time Toledo has become the "capital of three cultures" of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In the coexistence of different beliefs, more than 70 ancient buildings, including Gothic, Moody Hal, Baroque and Neoclassic, have been created, which is why Toledo should not be missed.

Here we leave a team footprint. I hope that with the help of Toledo's significance, let's cooperate with each other in various fields of work, advance and retreat together, and work together to make the future of CCG better.


Every time I travel, time flies. Every trip will bring some reluctance and regret. Every time we travel, we have some aftertaste. Every time we travel, we grow. We want to see the world seriously, and we want to take life and work seriously. We have made an appointment. Next year we will see the world together, grow together and make our dreams come true together.