Mogan Mountain Tour


In December, busy CCG Activity Business Department Ⅲ went into Mogan Mountain, far away from the city, looking for freedom, listening to nature, and carried out a pleasant physical and mental group building.


In this season, the Mogan Mountains are covered with fallen leaves and streams are dyed with autumn colors, making them more pleasant to the eyes.


Each team leader leads each group of chefs to prepare a big meal for the team while competing for cooking skills. Our team's GGMM is not only beautiful, but also very good at cooking.

Great masters show their skills and combine Chinese with Western

Singers hold microphones and sing. There are many delicacies. They open a bottle of wine, a toast to new friends and a toast to old friends.

The terrace barbecue area on the lawn is particularly lively at night. Set up the grill and make a fire. Put the vegetables and meat on the grill. The movements are smooth. The family atmosphere is warm and sweet!

In the team interactive game, we release ourselves. The singer is intoxicated with himself, the gambler talks about the card skills, and the golf King teaches us the lessons. We have also prepared generous gifts for everyone, so that you can feel the company's care and love for employees. At this moment, let's enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

We are enthusiastic and persistent, young and powerful. When we are together, we are transformed from individuals into us. No matter how big the world is, let's go together. Let's make our trip more unique and memorable!