A tour to Negeri Sabah


At the end of the seven-day trip to Sabah, I still remember the blue color in my mind. Blue sea, blue sky, islands, cruise ships, coconut groves, good people, simple smiles, seafood and tropical fruits.


Sabah has beautiful natural scenery. Soft beaches, blue sky and sea, beautiful woods, strange animals and plants that have never been seen before... Everything here will surprise you. Shaba, with its high mountains and deep seas, is a natural treasure house built by heaven and earth.

Tour 1: Water Mosque

This is a typical Islamic building, known as one of the most magnificent churches in Malaysia with sunset scenery.

The mosque is built on a man-made lake in Ricas Bay. The white buildings are reflected in the lake water, which is in contrast to the azure sky.

Visiting a water mosque requires a 5 Ma ticket plus a 5 Ma rental costume, otherwise you can't enter it.


Tour 2: Mermaid Island

The sky is blue, the water is clear, and the undersea landscape is unique and beautiful. How can such a beautiful scene not come to a big group photo?

Witness the "Growing up" of a Coconut Tree


Large shells everywhere


Famous swing


Trip 3: Kawa Mangrove

Kawa mangrove is one of the three largest mangroves in Yabi, which is famous for its beach sunset. Visiting mangroves, you can see not only the beautiful sunset, but also the long nosed monkeys and fireflies. The boat was docked on the shore, and we sat in anticipation. Everyone dared not make too much noise. But unfortunately, we didn’t see the legendary rare long nosed monkey.

All boat owners will take tourists to see captive apes before they go ashore, which can make up for their expectations.


We were very lucky to see fireflies that night. When our boat was paddling along the mangrove, there were so many fireflies on the trees that we thought they were LED lights hanging on the trees. Tourist guides bring them in with special flashlights so that we can enjoy them in our hands. Everyone was holding their breath for fear of disturbing them.

Unfortunately, no one photographed those "little stars". We tried to shoot countless times, but the effect was black. Tourists used OPPO to take pictures of this before, the tour guide said. 

Travel 4: Drifting and Dairy Farm

Today's trip is mainly drifting and dairy farms. After breakfast, we went to Jiulu village in the northwest.

Professional coaches gave us instructions on safety measures and rapids, and distributed tools such as helmet, life jacket and oars.

The coach was so naughty. Maybe he wanted to relieve everyone's tension so he poured water on us before we could sit still. we got wet before we started. Hahaha~~~

We finished drifting and went to the dairy farm after lunch. This is a pasture near Shenshan National Park, where dairy cows produce fresh milk.



It's a long way to go. Carsick people need to take carsick medicine, because the whole journey is very bumpy. Preparing a thin coat, Shenshan Park is very cold, because cows need to be in low temperatures. Dairy cows are cute. They are small and smelly.

Shenshan's chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream are delicious. The milk has a shelf life of only three days and can't be brought back to China.

Tour 5: Danrong Yalu Beach

Danrong Yalu Beach is one of the best places to watch sunset. It's only 15 minutes' drive from downtown and very close to the airport. There are not many people in the daytime, but there are many tourists waiting for sunset at the beach in the evening.


In Sabah, seafood and durian are of course essential. Durian market only opens at night

We can sit over there to eat. If you get bad fruit, you can ask your boss to change it. Fruits here are much cheaper than those in China. We can eat as we walk.


Here's to teach you a little secret of choosing "Cat Mountain King"

Did you see the pentagram? The authentic King of Mount Cat has a pentagram like this on the head.



The hotel arranged by the company is very intimate, and also helped to celebrate for friend’s birthday. I haven't written any travel notes before, and my memory is weaker after a while. I hope I can keep Sabah in my memory forever.

This is my first time to write travel notes, because I don’t often take pictures when I go out, and it's always messy. But it's still a memory of myself. I hope that I can recall this wonderful trip with my CCG classmates when I turn it out later.