A Tour to Daocheng Yading: Outing of CCG Guangzhou Business Department


"I tell you secretly that there is a place called Daocheng. I want to go there with my beloved people to see the blue sky, the white snow mountains, the golden grass, and an autumn fairy tale." ——“Passing Through Your World”


In order to find the distant land in the movie, we embarked on a trip to Daocheng in autumn.


West Zheduo Mountain

After we arrived at Chengdu Airport, we took a bus to West Zheduo Mountain. At 4298 meters above sea level, there was no time to take pictures. People have suffered from chest tightness, dizziness, headache and other high altitude reactions. We supported each other and return to the car safely along the way. This is how nature inadvertently arranged a team test for us from the plains.


Unlike mountain climbing on the plain, mountain climbing on the plateau is a very arduous task. For us who were still in the plateau adaptation period, we chose the Pearl Sea route with steps and not steep slope. We moved slowly.


We enjoyed the magnificent and sacred snow mountains, the vast meadows, the colorful forests and the blue and transparent sea. All the most beautiful things in the snow plateau come together here. The beautiful scenery made us forget the fatigue of the journey.


People with better physical strength also challenged the Milk Sea and the Colorful Sea.


There were also people who love to work and climb mountains with computers on their backs.


Feel the charm of Conch Trench

The next stop for Daocheng Yading is Conch Trench in Moxi Town. Conch Trench is the lowest modern glacier discovery area in Asia, with an elevation of 2850 meters. Conch Trench Glacier is in intense melting, with an average daily melting depth of about 8 centimeters. We were very glad to have the opportunity to step on the glacier and feel the magnificence of the glacier.

In the evening, we participated in the hotel's Yi bonfire party and felt the warm hospitality of the Yi people.


Taste local fruit


The five-day trip to Daocheng Yading was exhausted and enjoyed. We measured nature with our feet; we witnessed natural miracles with our eyes; we supported each other and felt team warmth with our hearts. Look forward to our next trip. To be continued...