Salute to our heroic dream; Life is far more wonderful than cartoons.


On November,

We said goodbye to Jin Yong and Stan Li,

Who both are the "God" of this heroic world!





We know we have grown up.

There’s no more imagination.

Knight-errant and superhero are the youth memory of our generations!


Some people asked why Disney only has Princess series instead of Prince series.

The answer is that boys’ dreams are not about princes, but Heroes. Unfortunately, "Dream-builders" passed away. Maybe God wants to see heroic cartoons, and remembering is our greatest respect.

On November 30th, CCG held a birthday party with the theme of "Salute to our heroic dream" to honor the "heroic dream" that we have pursued in those years. It is you who have made it possible for adults to keep their childlike hearts alive and let us find ourselves in different heroic stories.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” With dreams in mind and courage to walk in the world with a sword, we are encouraged to "not dream, make dreams!"