Today is 520 | the warmest words to the most special you


Advertisers call themselves "advertising dogs" because of the high frequency of abuse, high intensity of work and frequent overtime. Bright advertisers can bring many opportunities, but they are only opportunities. Advertisers don't talk about love, it's hard to get acquainted with each other.


For advertising dogs, 520 is just a Monday, and it's not easy to give gifts. However, CCG is a magic place for single dogs. Today, the Single Dog Protection Association launched a joint "MG Carffe" and "Mr Flower" to provide 520 courtship strategies and props for you!!


Please enjoy the video.

(Photograph field: CCG Caffee Bar)

MG Carffe is the best brand of cross-border coffee for automobile industry.


MG Carffe has been a "restless" brand since its launching in 2018, adhering to the brand spirit of always YOUNG and the most playful brand concept. To provide a social platform for young people as the main theme, a comprehensive platform integrating car experience, coffee dessert, simulator experience and interactive communication.


CCG, as a MG’s Leader Agency, cooperates with C Caffee deeply to build online retail stores in advertising companies, integrate resources and win-win good cooperation.