CCG carries out waste classification and green development


From July 1st, 2019, Shanghai Household Waste Management Regulations, known as the "most stringent" waste classification measure in history, were formally implemented. In the process of promoting municipal waste classification, enterprises are also an important and challenging "position".

In order to further promote the work of waste classification, enhance employees' awareness of waste classification, foster good habits of waste classification and help enterprises build their environment, CCG will actively implement the relevant policies of waste classification in office buildings from now on, requiring the implementation of the "four categories" standard: harmful waste, recyclable waste, wet waste and dry waste. .




In addition to maintaining the original garbage bin at the workstation, the company will set up garbage collection and classification equipment in multiple areas and clearly identify them. The Administration Department will also conduct itinerant supervision to ensure that measures are in place. The guidelines are as follows:


I.         Public area (lobby, entrance and exit)

Dry garbage, wet garbage, harmful garbage


II. Independent Office

Dry garbage, wet garbage



3. 4F-9F Leisure Area (Centralized Dining)

Dry garbage, wet garbage


 The implementation of waste classification is related to the working environment of all employees and the economical use of resources. It is also an important manifestation of the level of corporate culture, a piece of paper, a bottle, a waste battery... Classified recycling, from the details, we can see the intention.


When action is not mere formality, every minor action will bring good changes. Please every CCG employee can contribute their own strength to the construction of enterprise environment. When more and more people are willing to gather more strength to protect the beauty around them, each person will have more sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.