Half Desert, Half Sea- UAE Culture Tour


When it comes to UAE, what do you think?

Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Oil, luxury car or shopping?

Or the handsome prince and pretty princess or the princess who "runs away"?

But after you've been there, you might say:

It's a rising country in the desert in only 40 years,

It is the safest region in the Middle East,

It's a more inclusive and open place than you think.

It's luxurious, but also passionate.

At the end of September, at 40 ℃ + high temperature, CCGers learned about this half desert, half sea country.


 On September 20th, 14 of our colleagues took off from Shanghai and arrived in Dubai in the early morning of September 21st, Beijing time. Then we took a 2-hour bus from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi directly, starting the cultural journey in the UAE.

【Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center】


It was built in memory of the first president of the United Arab Emirates. The building complex of the Great Mosque is made of white marble from Yugoslavia, which is particularly solemn. There is one of the world's largest carpets in the mosque, but the most eye-catching one is undoubtedly the three customized Swarovski chandeliers.




It’s located in Abu Dhabi's New Cultural District, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. It is a comprehensive museum. According to the agreement, a large amount of rare exhibits are borrowed from the Louvre of France every year, focusing on telling the stories of civilizations and shared stories of human beings around the world.


【Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi】


As the residence of the supreme leader of the UAE, the Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi is not only a traditional palace, but also embodies the unique Arab tradition and art. The arched roof, luxurious courtyard, exquisite decoration and beautiful garden are its iconic elements, and the night light show has become a famous landscape in Abu Dhabi.


【Sand-surfing 】


Sand surfing is one of Dubai's most distinctive activities. At 4:30 a.m., the sand surfing team set out early. 40 minutes later, the SUV arrived in the desert outside the city. There is a little red in the sky, which seems to set off the tension. Sure enough, the SUV began its violent performance before everyone could react. There was a lot of screaming in the car. Fortunately, everyone didn't have breakfast.


After half an hour of sand surfing, everyone's body parts seem to be reconstituted once. Well, advertisers need to update themselves from time to time to have a steady stream of fresh inspiration.


When you come to Dubai, you must experience sand surfing in the desert. In the evening, take an off-road vehicle to enjoy the vast desert scenery under the setting sun, and experience the fancy "dazzle skill" of the drivers in the Middle East on the sand dunes. The body speeds up to dive with the car, turns down quickly, looks like a wild animal, and conquers the mysterious and magnificent golden sand . You will also feel full of tension and high morale!

[Saker Falcon performance]


In the desert, we had a chance to meet the UAE national bird, Saker Falcon. In the past, hard-working Arabs hunted with Saker Falcon; today, they no longer live by fishing and hunting, but raising Saker Falcon has become a traditional Arab culture. There is the world's largest Saker Falcon hospital and a large number of professional nursing workers who are especially responsible for caring for Saker Falcon. Although Saker Falcon is a small animal, it has a special passport for entry and exit. In the UAE, Saker Falcon is also seen as a symbol of power, wealth and status. This is also a symbol of the spirit of diligence, tenacity and self-improvement inherited by the Arabs. It also inspires us from afar, never forgetting our original intention and striving for self-improvement! What we can get on the journey is not only the impact of the senses, but also the baptism of the soul.



【Henna Art】


In the mysterious desert camp, outside a quiet hut, ladies from all over the world lined up in long lines. And what attracts us is the magical henna art. The beautiful hand painter in black robes sits on the ground and paints beautiful patterns on our skin with a natural and fragrant material. When the pattern solidifies and scabs, the color is still there after fading, like a tattoo. It is said that Henna originated in India and later prevailed in the Middle East. Henna represents good wishes, which means luck, happiness and beauty. A good culture can always cross national boundaries, transcend race, be accepted and absorbed by more and more different people, and achieve new integration.



【Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding】

The most local characteristic and close to the local folk customs is Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural understanding lunch experience.


The staff will personally demonstrate the traditional Arab hospitality and dining methods, and the original Arab food is quite different from the food in the street restaurants. Finally, following the principle of "open door, open mind", the speaker will allow guests to ask any questions you want. Whether it's about the veil of Muslim women or the origin of Islam, it's an eye opener to ensure that you have your answers.


The 6-day and 5-night cultural tour of the United Arab Emirates soon came to an end.

The challenge of exciting adventure made us recognizes ourselves, stimulate our potential,

New and interesting experiences opened the door to the world, increased our knowledge and broaden our horizons.

Cross-departmental understanding and integration strengthened the cohesion of our team.

All of these inspired us, constantly created new inspiration, and constantly forged ahead!

Thank you, CCG!