2018 SAIC Volkswagen LAVIDA All New Lavida Beijing Auto Show Video

Project background:


Over the past ten years, it has set many unprecedented records in the automotive market:

The fastest sales of the joint venture brand with over 3 million of volume;

For five consecutive years, it has won the championship in sales of single model among Joint Venture brand.

Class A Car Market is a battleground for strategists, so the challenge faced by All New Lavida's marketing and dissemination is unprecedented. Every CCG member participating in Lavida project and SAIC Volkswagen customers work together to face the challenge calmly!


Creative highlights:

In 2008, China's per capita GDP was 24.1 million yuan. The lauching of the first generation of Lavida has satisfied many people's dream of car ownership.


In 2018, when China's per capita GDP soared to 644,000 yuan, industrious people created more wealth and gained more returns, and "consumption upgrading" is becoming the main theme of current consumption. The mainstream consumers who borned in 1980s dare to show their preferences and break through the original stereotype and the boundaries of their consumption. People's demands for life go further.


"Life moves forward" is our deep insight and precise grasp of the mainstream automobile consumption demand in China. With the consumption upgrading, people are eager to get a higher level of life and work and realize the expression of personal value.


As All New Lavida made its debut, we created an appearance video.

From a subjective perspective, All New Lavida accurately murmurs the inner desire of the mainstream consumers when they are at an important point in life:


For lovers in love:

I know you have a lot of expectations.

Because you look forward to a better self


For newly married Yaner's husband and wife:

I know you care about details.

Because you enjoy every detail of life


For those who work hard:

I know you always go all out.

Because of this, you'll look effortless.


For a warm and happy family:

I know you yearn for beauty.

More eager to create beauty


Enjoy the video:


Video appearances through various media exposure, not only the traditional television platform, but also through OTT, Wechat and other network media, quickly attracted consumers and received great attention.

Since its appearance, All New Lavida has been in the high concern of consumers. Among them, the highest Baidu index is 17371, the daily average index is 7839; media exposure, Weibo topic reading, media attention, Baidu search and so on are showing a hot trend.