2017 All New Tiguan L X Youku " GREAT CHINA • Quite Impressive" Created a Travel Popular IP

Project introduction:

After six-year glory mileage of Tiguan, a new chapter will open by All New Tiguan L. The second season of the hottest scenery documentary program, "GREAT CHINA" of the largest video website in China, Youku, is about to start. All New Tiguan L cooperated with the program to start the journey of finding places in China which have never been seen before and create the most popular IP.


Idea highlights:

Filming with the immersive VR and the magnificent aerial photography and taking the national holiday and cultural tradition as the clues, Youku "GREAT CHINA" creates nearly 40 million views in the first season and becomes one of Youku's most popular IP.

All New Tiguan L of SAIC Volkswagen were just launched during the forepart of Youku "GREAT CHINA" season II preparation. All New Tiguan L jumped to medium SUV with its aesthetics new design and wide space, and completely expressed the brand sprit “Quite Impressive” with sagacious and reliable product features. And the sprit “Quite Impressive” is exactly what "GREAT CHINA" pursue, who strives to convey the most beautiful scenery and most inspiring story of China to the audience who yearn for a bigger world.

Project implementation:

In the efforts of both sides, the cameras following All New Tiguan L have been to the fairyland Tibet Linzhi Peach Garden, the Yuanyang Hani Terrace crisscrossed by gullies, West Lake, mountain city Chongqing, Hainan Sanya, Mongolia grassland, the last reindeer village in Greater Khingan Mountains, and finally arrived at the sky mirror Chaka Salt Lake, since season II were released in May 11th.

In the over three months production period, All New Tiguan L has supported program group to find  “Quite Impressive” clues, galloped among the most beautiful mountains and lakes in China with excellent driving control and intelligent technology. Wonderful scenes and vivid shooting have been completed on whatever geomorphology. 

Communication effect:

8 places beyond imagination; 3500-kilometer epic journey; "GREAT CHINA • Quite Impressive" has achieved nearly 90,000,000 views.

Social media used popularity successfully; #GREAT CHINA • Quite Impressive# hot topic on Weibo has been interactive forwarded 16,956,000 times.