2018 SAIC Volkswagen Tharu Launching TVC -Mountain

Project Background:

As the first advertisement of a new car model, Tharu's primary goal is to establish an image, occupy the target consumer group, and let consumers clearly remember the name of the car in a SUV market in order to stand out from other SUVs at the same level.

Content summary:

It integrates the image and characteristics of the mountains, interprets the product features and functions of Tharu, traveling between the mountains, and shows the hard shape, space enjoyment and pure SUV control of German SUV.

Core Creativity:

The greatness of mountains lies not only in height, but also in the symbols of firmness, strength and wisdom.

And having the character and ability like a mountain is the inner product of Tharu.

"Mountains are changeable, but edges and corners are not changed by perseverance," explains Tharu's German SUV's tough shape.

"Mountain spirit is modest, and all phenomena can be accommodated with grace," convey the vast space of Tharu.

"Mountains are full of strength, turning the heavens and the earth around with strength," show the pure SUV control of Tharu.

Visiting towering mountains is the aspiration of every SUV owner.

Driving on the way, even the rugged mountains are just the road under your feet.

Every experience is a calm and fearless journey.


Project implementation:

After TVC goes online, it can be spread through all channels offline (outdoor brand, airport, community LED, etc.) online (CCTV, Wechat Moments, etc.), fully and effectively reaching the target consumer groups.


1. Successfully let the target consumer group connect the mountain idea to Tharu, and establish a clear image of the car.

2. On the day of Tharu's listing, Baidu's search index surged 214%. On the day of the launch of TVC in the Wechat Moments, Tharu's Wechat Index surged 3669%. It quickly attracted attention.

3. The sales of Tharu in the first month of its launching are over 10,000, which is far ahead of other new SUVs of the same level. As a real inheritance model of Tiguan Silk Road, Tharu will become a new king of Class A SUVs in the future.