CCG would not have successfully developed into an international company without joint efforts from every CCG staff member who is not onlydriven by customer demand, but also wholeheartedly committed to making improvements. It is ourperseverancein the pursuit of constant development and precisionwhen completing tasks that makes us areliable and trustworthy choice.

At CCG weadvocate a balance between hard work and living a healthylifestyle. Based on this principle, we have set up several clubs such as football, badminton, yoga, drama and band to combinework and personal interests together. We hope that friends who share common goals will join us so that together we can achieve more, not only for our clients, but also for ourselves!

During the process of our own development, never once did we neglect our social responsibilities to the local and international community.We are passionate about public welfare and strongly encourage our staff to make whatever contributions they can as often as possible, regardless of how small.

We welcome those who are confident and chasing their own dreams, to join us. Let us make your dreams come true!

Joan Ren, Vice President of CCG