CCG Group - Cross Communication Group

was founded in Shanghai in 2002.

This is the origin of our CCG and where we are
heading to. In 2002,
we started our journey of defining the most influential creative local company in China.
from Shanghai to HongKong, Beijing to Toronto,
CCG is now operating in several international cities
with more than 500 employees worldwide,
we have been working with major brands crossing from Automotive
industry to Financial field,BTL to all other forms
of communication media to offer top quality one-stop service,
to make all these happen, we have only used ten years.

At CCG we do not believe limitations for dreams but take action to make it happen.

For the next coming decade,
we will continue to improve ourselves and treasure each of our clients,
media partners,suppliers and employees,
and group everyone on the journey to share our dreams
and work together to create surprises.

that's what we called dream-maker,
then our dreams really do come true.